Selling Smoking to Underage Teens About to Become More Expensive for Retailers

Indiana (NNDC):


Both Indiana Houses have voted by a large majority to double the fine for selling tobacco or e-liquids to minors. The fines would increase for repeated offenses after a year. Currently, the fines start at $200. Representatives contend that the low fines are ignored by sellers because they can recoup the fines easily through simply making more sales. Many retailers do not even bother to ask for ID before selling to minors.

This bill also brings Indiana into the fold with the federal law raising the minimum age to 21, which took effect in December.

The House approved the bill 78-16 and the Senate 39-11. Both the House and Senate bills are the same, but either the House or Senate must formally approve the changes to its original bill to send it to Holcomb which could happen in a week or so. The Governor is expected to sign it into law with an effective date of July 1st.

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