Husband and Wife US Army retired Colonels make a special appearance at Evansville Wartime Museum

Evansville – (NNDC) (click on full screen for best video effect)

Colonel Thomas R. Burklow, MD, US Army retired, a pediatric cardiologist with a career in Army medicine, now serving at the National Institutes of Health as the Medical Research Scholars program and Colonel Carolyn A. Sullivan Burklow, MD, US Army retired, a pediatric gastroenterologist with a career in Army medicine, now practicing at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  Two career Army physicians put on a one of a kind program at the Evansville Wartime Museum both serving in the US Army, including serving in hot zones during Operation Desert Storm and the War on Terror. The Colonel shares the days leading up to finding out they are being deployed to the middle east.

Colonel Thomas R. Burklow, MD, US Army retired


Dr. Thomas is a Evansville native and part of the day seemed like a reunion as several Central classmates stop by to say hello to a good friend and shared many good memories.  We will share Colonel Thomas R. Burklow, MD thoughts and memories about his career in the military that he never really planned on.

Colonel Thomas R. Burklow, MD, US Army retired








(from left to right)


Colonel Thomas R. Burklow MD, US Army ret, Colonel Carolyn A. Sullivan Burklow, MD US Army ret, Mrs. Mark Browning, MD, Mark Browning, MD, US Navy ret,  EWM Director.

Pictures from the Museum –

below are a Kushman Scooter used in War World II, the 2,000Hp P-47 Engine produced in Evansville, and one of the workhorses of World War II a Deuce and half.











If you like history in general the Evansville Wartime Museum is worth the visit, most of the museum is based on World War II and the contributions the City of Evansville made to the war effort that if you didn’t know about will amaze you. Many of us know about the production of the LST and P47 but you may not know that Evansville made most of the .45 cal ammunition used in World War II, rebuilt tanks, and many other facts.  In fact just about any business that was open in Evansville where involved in production of anything and everything used during the war.

We don’t want to tell you too much, you just need to go follow the link below for more information and museum hours.  The staff at the museum are not only know their stuff but they are some of the nicest people you’ll meet and most have military ties.



For more information on the Evansville Wartime Museum visit them on Facebook or their website

CONTACTS Mark Browning, MD, US Navy retired, EWM director, 812-480-9178  and Stephen Witte, EWM director, 812-457-1297.

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