27th Annual Boy Scouts Distinguished Citizen Award Banquet. Tom Krodel Old National Bank Honoree

Huntingburg – (NNDC) (updated with video coverage from the Banquet, note most videos are more than 2 minutes long click on full screen for best effect.)

Not a surprise that the Huntingburg Event Center was full of family, friends, and business associates to honor the 27th Annual Boy Scouts Distinguished Citizen Tom Krodel.

Luke Summerlot, Troop 185 had the honor of making the this years presentation to Tom Krodel (click on video below)


Krodel is a proud lifelong resident of Dubois County. He graduated from Jasper High School in 1975 and attended St. Joseph College in Rensselaer, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics in 1979.  In 1985, Tom attended Northwestern University where he graduated from the National Graduate Trust School with honors.


Tom shares a story or two about one of the organizers of the event but also a classmate and friend Noel Fleck along with a big thank you to the committee this year. (click on video below)


Keynote speaker U,S. Senator Mike Braun talked with the crowd about how great it was to come back to Jasper, raise a family, and build a business to benefit the people in the Jasper area and what a impact that has made on him and many in the crowd including the honoree Tom Krodel.


In 1982, Tom began his career with Old National Bank in the Wealth Management and Trust divisions. Over the last 37 years, Tom’s hard work and dedication to his clients and the Dubois County area has continually advanced him to now serving in the role of Jasper Region President, responsible for all retail and commercial business in Dubois County, Orange County and surrounding area.


Tom is active with Dubois County Community Foundation, American Red Cross Southwest Indiana Charter, Leadership Council 7 of Southwest Chapter American Red Cross, French Lick CDE Governing Board, Indiana Statewide CDC Southern Loan Committee and Mid-State Corridor. Additionally, Tom serves as Memorial Hospital Foundation Board Treasurer, Regional Impact Fund Vice-Chair, Riley Children Hospital Foundation County Coordinator and Deerwood Club Inc. Board President.


Tom thanked Senator Mike Braun and several others then  shared a few stories about some of life lessons learned.


Not only did we hear from close friends of Tom’s but also his 3 grown daughters who explained their dad, sports coach, and now grandpa always helped make their life great.


Reflections and sometimes what seem to be a little more like a roasting about Tom Krodel were shared by many that night including friend and local business owner Andy Welsh Managing Broker/ Owner of Sell 4 Free Real Estate and Jim Sandgreen President & COO of Old National Bank.

Jim Sandgreen President & COO of Old National Bank (click on video below)



Andy Welsh Managing Broker/Owner of Sell 4 Free Real Estate  (click on video below)



Tom also shared a secret to his success and one that U.S. Senator Mike Braun touched on as well, Tom’s greatest team member is his wife Phyllis.  Tom shared like Mike that he to married his high school sweatheart and somehow she has put up with him for all these years.

It was a Great night and Tom Krodel had one last word to share.



Tom and his wife, Phyllis have three grown daughters, Brooke (and Mike), Erin (and Eric) and Meredith; and three grandchildren whom they adore, Evelyn, Caroline and Carter.


Pictures from the event:

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