Annual “Kids Day” Downtown Jasper Today

Jasper – (NNDC)

The 26th Annual Kids Day is underway on the Jasper Downtown Square today and you can find all kinds of interesting booths with kids selling items to support different charities and even their schools.  Many of the items for sale have been made by the kids and include today 3D art key chains, cool looking couch pillows, Lava Lamps, dinosaur tooth brush holders, and even Slime.  You can also find food items like cookies, bread, snow cones, and nacho chips and cheese the list goes on and on.  Many kids teamed up and teams include brothers, brothers & sisters, and just friends.  Come check it out until 2pm today.

Below are pictures from a few of the booths:














Julian Bonner made the Magnets and Key chains with a 3D Printer really cool!














These two brothers want to help, one brother Will is going to Holy Trinity and Jeb Sendelwenk goes to Ireland Elementary.  Jeb explains how the homemade lava lamps work.


These two young ladies don’t look like the type to mess with slime but when its for a good cause it makes it worth it.  To the left is Ella Schue and on the right is Alieiea Kluesner selling homemade slime to support Hati.



We even found a sharp shooter, this girl can shoot.


Other items for sale today include snow cones made as you wait at the Troutman Treasures booth by brother and sister team of Wyatt and Myah Troutman, they apparently were good because they usually had a line.










And right across the street 5th grader Leslie Regalado and her sister Jaaette sold chips and nacho cheese and slushies with homemade toppings of Mango and Strawberries…mmmm mmmm.  This is Leslies 2nd year to participate so she is training her younger sister to take over.



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