Teacher, Students, and Jasper Flag make a great trip to Germany and Sister City

Jasper, California, Germany (NNDC)  –  18 Jasper High School Students, and some adults including a new teacher at Jasper High School made a trip this summer to Germany and some very unique places.   The trip has been made before in fact about every 2 years the trip is made from Jasper to Germany and our Sister city Pfaffenweiler by Jasper High School students as part of an exchange program.  German teacher Ross Halvorsen has also made a trip to Germany before as well but not as a Jasper High School German teacher, in fact this is Ross’s first year at Jasper High School.  Ross came to Jasper via California and a couple of other places, but now Ross is officially a Hoosier.


Before Ross left on the trip this summer he though it would be neat to take an official Jasper flag on the trip to take pictures with the group and to present to the Sister cities.







Group from Jasper High School  with flag in Dresden.


Ross talks about the trip and his arrival in Jasper to start teaching at Jasper High School.


Students and the group went to many places in Germany including area towns and the highest point in Germany Zugspitze pictured below.


Ross talks about some the places visited on the trip.











Dr. Ross Halvorsen teaches at Jasper High School in the Department of World Languages along with teaching a course at VUJC and the Jasper Middle School.   Ross also wanted to mention that Sandy Wehr who went on the trip as well is a very important part of this trip, she as been organizing a lot of the trip since 2007.


Dr. Halvorsen was a joy to talk with and left some words that many have probably seen at the City Hall but didn’t really know what they meant.


Below are pictures from the trip –

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