18 Years ago 9/11 for most will never be forgotten

(NNDC) – 18 years ago on September 11th we Americans experienced something that had never happen on a large scale in the United States before,  a Terrorist attack that led to the death of 3,000 Americans.   Many of us had just started the day or where working just like the day before but no day would ever compare to this day again for most.   That day brought people together, it also led to ordinary people doing heroic deeds which some paid with their lives.   We all wanted to help, some of us joined the military, we donated time, money, anything we could to battle this new enemy.   To those who served in any way or in the service we thank you.

Locally there will be some annual tributes and new ones as well.  Huntingburg Fire Department in conjunction with Southridge High School will be doing a 9/11 tribute at the SHS football Feild  beginning roughly after school starts (8:15-8:30am).  Fire department members will lead  students on the stairwell of the stadium to tribute those fallen on 9/11.


Below are some of the first images seen on 9/11/2001





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