Road construction continues throughout the Dubois County area (Click on Video)

(NNDC) –  Road construction and updating continue throughout the Dubois County area and all construction crews are doing everything they can to keep traffic moving and seem to be doing a good job.   A reminder when you’re getting from point A to point B during this time is first of all pay attention when driving.  Second, keep your speed down when driving through the construction areas and keep not only the workers safe but you also. There is a lot of large equipment being used and moving all the time so paying attention is a must. Third,  give yourself plenty of time to travel in the work areas and know there may be some slower traffic to deal with by doing this it should make driving in town less stressful and keep everyone safe.

Below traffic slowed but moving out on Hwy 56 West near Kluemper Road



Road work along Newton Street Jasper

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