Holy Trinity Catholic School Builders Club receives Diocese of Evansville Catholic Educator Innovative Award

(NNDC) – Holy Trinity Catholic School’s Builder Club received the Diocese of Evansville’s Catholic Education Innovator Award –

The award recognizes educators in diocesan Catholic schools who employ novel and innovative efforts to achieve success in student learning and/or promote growth for the school. The award is open to an individual or group with a minimum of two years of service to the diocese. Eligible candidates can include teachers, administrators, counselors, media specialists or technology coordinators.

The award recognizes innovation in one of the following areas:
⦁ Innovative project in marketing your Catholic school
⦁ Innovative project in promoting Catholic identity
⦁ Innovative project in curriculum and instruction
⦁ Innovative project facilitated by technology
⦁ Innovative project in total community involvement (including service and fundraising)
⦁ Innovative project in creative learning environments

The Holy Trinity Catholic School’s Builders Club has a current membership of over 35 actively involved students in grades 6,7, and 8. It is affiliated with the Jasper High School Key Club, and is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Sr. Becky Mathauer, Charmaine Oxford, and Cassie Beyke, all educators at Holy Trinity Catholic School, serve as the club’s sponsors. The Builders Club is very active in community service learning projects. These projects reinforce the school’s mission statement: We the Community of Holy Trinity Catholic School, come to learn, and go forth to serve, while trusting in Divine Providence. It is a sign of the students’ Catholic Identity because these acts of service are direct extensions of their Catholic faith and Christian values.

In addition to service, this organization has the goal of building leaders. The club meets once a month during students’ lunch and recess time. Communication of upcoming events and service opportunities are also shared through daily morning announcements. Each Builders Club member must actively participate in a minimum of three service events per year to be considered an “active” member. Great efforts are made to find opportunities for community service, and it is quite common for students to exceed the requirements because they find it fulfilling to use their time, talent, and treasure to serve members of the community.

Members of the Builders Club consider the experience in service learning of great benefit to their current and future lives.

Grace Bartley, a three year Builders Club member, said “I think Builders Club has helped me by getting me out into the Community more. Through it, I feel that I am able to make a big difference in the lives of others.”

Ally Nord also expressed her appreciation for Builders Club by saying, “In Builders Club, I get real life experiences such as painting walls, organizing materials, etc. These experiences will help better prepare us for the future.”

Some Builders Club projects included:
⦁ Locker Décor – Students make special labels for students who participate in academic and extracurricular events. These are made during lunch recess and recess time.
⦁ Completion of a group of student labels such as band, math bowl, basketball, etc.
⦁ Holy Family Church Picnic – Students help for two-hour shifts at various booths.
⦁ Habitat for Humanity – Usually planned for the first Saturday of the month, but can be rescheduled as needed. Each Saturday is a two-hour shift.
⦁ Jasper Community Arts Center (JCAC) Family Series – This year there are two shows scheduled. Each show is a two-hour commitment counting as an event.
⦁ Senior Citizen Dinner – Students service dinner and lead BINGO lasting two hours.
⦁ Pen Pals – Students visit a resident at Brookside Village to meet their pen pal and then write letters once a month.
⦁ Christmas Program at Jasper Community Arts Center – Students hand out programs.
⦁ Spring Program at Jasper Community Arts Center – Students hand out programs.

About Holy Trinity Catholic School –

The Central Campus, located on the grounds of Precious Blood Parish in Jasper, provides instruction for students in three-year-old preschool through grade two.

The East Campus, housed at Holy Family Parish in Jasper, provides for the educational needs of our intermediate students in grades three through five and our middle school students in grades six through eight.






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