Ireland Elementary makes a Splash with Fun and Learning (Click icon for videos and pictures, enlarge to full screen and adjust sound for best effect)

Ireland (NNDC): 

Third grade class at Ireland Elementary continued a tradition of learning over the last two weeks with their “Survivor” reading program and just like the show this included black cards and challenges for each team.  The first thing each team had to do was decide on a name for the team and there are some interesting names like “The Savage Avocados”  “The Nine Musketeers” and “The Earthquakes” to name a few.  The Challenges included Tic-Tac- Toe ( video below) and the final challenge today the Water Balloon Toss (video below) and what a great day to get a little wet.  Teacher Shannon Bauer talked about the program and tradition (video below) According to many of the students we talked to today they really enjoyed this program.

Two weeks of learning and fun culminated with a splashing good time.

And as you can see, fun was had by all!

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