Happy Birthday to Jerry Birge from all of us at News Now!

Jasper – (NNDC)

Happy Birthday to Jerry Birge today!  We are very happy to have Jerry as an important part of the team at News Now.  Jerry takes care of the community calendar events, birthday club, and more.  And Jerry with his 50 plus years of sports play by play and media coverage is always great to bounce new ideas off of here at News Now.  Jerry is a good friend to many in the area but more importantly a great family man, family is the most important thing to Jerry and his wife Mag.  I’m told if there is a family event, graduation, birthday, you name it Jerry and Mag are always there.

Happy Birthday Jerry from everyone at News Now! 

Jerry Birge and Ashlyn Ackerman with ‘Fritz’ during a LIVE telecast from the Jasper Strassenfest

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