Mock Accident Drill Takes Place in Dubois:

Dubois (NNDC):


A mock accident drill was conducted at Dubois High school shortly after noon on Thursday.

The purpose was not for first responders, though that did benefit them as well.  Rather an opportunity for the school to experience a potential accident in real time. Northeast Dubois High School seniors and juniors sat on the lawn adjacent to the parking lot to view the exercise.

Months of planning went into the event, hosted by the Dubois County Sheriff’s Office, School Resource Officer. Tim Lampert hoped the event would give students a comprehensive look at the potential impact of distracted or intoxicated driving a few days before they would be celebrating prom.

The exercise revolved around an intoxicated operator of a four-wheeler involved in a crash with the Pontiac Grand Am. The vehicle was driven by Jackson Brosmer then swerves and ending up in a ditch trapping he and a passenger in the back.

A conservation officer began administering a field sobriety test to the driver of the four-wheeler. The student is wearing a special set of goggles simulating her impairment with an apparentblood alcohol content of .17 percent. She is soon placed in handcuffs by a female deputy and ceremoniously walked away.

A helicopter takes off and leaves with the injured.  The fire department beganis ripping the rear driver’s side door open and he remaining two occupants were covered in blankets to protect them from the flying glass from shattered windows.

The scenario comes together well as many of those responding have dealt with the real repercussions of actual crashes around the county over their careers.

After the end of the drill, students heard brief talks from conservation and police officers, probation officers, drug counselors and others on the lasting impact of their decisions.

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