The State Health Dept. is Warning Citizens to be Prepared for Insects

Dubois County (NNDC):

 Health officials are encouraging Hoosiers to protect themselves from tick and mosquito bites  as warmer temperatures bring an increase in tick and mosquito activity throughout the state.

Field testing has already found ticks and is reminding the public that they can carry Lyme disease and a variety of bacteria as well as diseases like ehrlichiosis and spotted fever rickettsioses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The best methods of protection are wearing a long-sleeved shirt with light-colored pants, and to tuck shits into pants and even pants into socks.

Also treating clothing and exposed skin with insect repellent will help.  Close inspection of clothing on arriving home as well as taking a shower can help from ticks in the living space.

If a tic is attached, use a tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin and then pulling outward.  Ticks should be discarded by submerging it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag or container, wrapping it tightly in tape or flushing it down the toilet they should never be crushed with the fingernails.

Tick-borne diseases can be treated with antibiotics, and prompt diagnosis by a medical professional can help prevent unfortunate complications.

As for Mosquitos, and prevention of the diseases they carry, most of the same methods of prevention are the same as with tics.  Avoid contact with shallow standing water and be aware the the greatest danger from this inscet occurs in the morning and evenings. Again see your doctor if rash or discoloration of the bite area occurred.

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