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Indiana Ranks 47th in the Nation as Worst Taxes Affecting the Poor

Indiana (NNDC):

In 2018 a study revealed that in Indiana, the poorest 20 percent of Hoosiers paid over 12% percent of their income in taxes while the top 1 percent paid a bit over 6% percent. This ranked Indiana as 12th in most unfair state regarding local taxes. Another critique ranked Indiana 47th worse for the poor.

A great deal of conversation is made over the poor’s request for financial aid from governments with very little consideration about what corporations and the the top 1% receive.

The government has long given subsidies to corporations, like oil and coal, leaving the public paying the difference in tax.

Later, those same companies fail or left the communities that welcomed them. As an example the Pence family’s former gas stations have cost Indiana taxpayers over $20 million in cleanup alone.

One must wonder whether if those at the top are contributing to the overall good or simply hording their wealth for their own gain.  Then again those simply “living off the system” are no better.  Unfortunately it is those in the middle that are getting the squeeze.

Note: While the statistics are fact the independent views are not the opinion of News Now.

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