Legislative Breakfast Saturday Held Discussing the Second Legislative Session for 2019

Dubois County (NNDC):


Saturday’s legislative breakfast held at VUJC involved discussions on a wide variety of topics such high speed internet, housing studies and term limits and several local issues.

State Reps. Shane Lindauer, Steve Bartels, and State Sen. Mark Messmer, addressed the public with their plans for the rest of the legislative session.  The event was hosted by VUJC and the Jasper Chamber of Commerce.

One questioner asked how legislators will make sure Dubois County gets reliable high-speed internet in the near future. Indiana Senator Mark Messmer noted that Gov. Eric Holcomb’s plans to use $100 million for grants to companies will expand service to under provided and areas.

Grants and assistance will be given on local providers who propose the best and affordable plans.

The fight against allowing companies to include superfluous costs in their grant requests impacts the costs to operate the service and the legislators are opposed to increasing cost to the publis because of that.

Senator Messmer commented that I am going to listen to the people on the local government’s side of the bills he introduces and how it is drafted, if it can be fixed, it will be fixed.

Other topics bought up at the meeting included legislation concerning education, payday loans, liquor laws and the publication of foreclosure notices.

Term limits were also debated and the short story it is a “two headed coin”, with one side being that we already have term limits in Indiana in that if we don’t like what our legislators are doing we simply do not re-elect them.  The flip side is Indiana does not want to create “career politicians”.  Both arguments have merit though Messmer remarked that the vast majority of Indiana Legislators choose to leave on their own or are voted out of office. Unlike on the National scale.

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