Kimball CEO Holds New Position

Jasper (NNDC):

Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider will join the current directors at SVB&T to oversee a wide variety of tasks including the establishment of policies and strategic objectives, as well as the appointment and review of executive positions, the approval of annual budgets, along with other tasks.
Bob is a local Jasper native with manufacturing experience who brings added strength to the areas of commercial business and finance.


Schneider recently retired as chairman of the board and CEO of Kimball International, and was previously CFO of Kimball International. Before joining Kimball.  Before Kimball, Bob was an accountant for a company in Ohio.

Bob and his wife, Ann, reside in Jasper. They are the parents of two children: John and Emily (Adam) Messmer. Bob is an active member of Precious Blood Church and enjoys the outdoors and traveling.

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