Disregarding High Water Signs Calls for Rescue

Dubois County (NNDC):

A Dubois man needed rescuing after driving into high water north of Jasper Saturday morning.

Richard Hawes, of Dubois, disregarded a High Water Do Not Enter sign and drove into the water.

Authorities say went off the into a ditch, and he then left his vehicle and was standing in the cold water until responding emergency services arrived.

A Dubois Volunteer Fire Department first responder walked out to the stranded driver and pulled Hawes over the hood of his vehicle and assisted him into the deputy’s truck.

Hawes was taken to a waiting ambulance and then transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment of exposure to the cold, according to police.

A deputy cited Hawes for disregarding a traffic control device. His vehicles was towed later Saturday when water receded from the roadway.

The public is reminded to NEVER attempt driving through water and to never ignore high water signage.

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