Mayor Seitz Makes 2019 Board and Commission Appointments

Jasper (NNDC):

Outgoing Mayor Terry Seitz is finishing out 2018 with the appointment of officers to various boards and commissions.  He Thanked prior officials who have served and those who continue to do so:

All terms are for four years unless otherwise indicated.  Also, political affiliation is indicated where required by state statute.

Dubois County Museum Board (3-year term)

  • Kathy Bachman (reappointment)

Dubois County Tourism Commission (2-year term)

  • Mary Klem (reappointment)

Hospital Authority of the City of Jasper

  • Dave Elliott (reappointment)

Park & Rec

  • Kent Otto (D) (reappointment)


  • Pat Thyen (reappointment)

Alcoholic Beverage Commission (1-year term)

  • Barb Leinenbach (reappointment)

Utility Sub-committees (1-year term)

  • Dave Hurst – Gas (reappointment)
  • Earl Schmitt – Electric (reappointment)
  • John Schroeder – Wastewater (reappointment)
  • Kevin Manley – Water (reappointment)

Partnership (3-year term)

  • Irene Kapp (reappointment)
  • Max Verkamp (reappointment)
  • Sean Jochum (reappointment)

Redevelopment Commission (1-year term)

  • Rick Stradtner (reappointment)
  • Andy Seger (reappointment)
  • John Kahle (reappointment)

Utility Service Board

  • Phil Schmidt (D) (new appointment)
  • Roger Seng (R) (reappointment)

IN 15 Regional Planning Commission (1-year term)

  • Paul Lorey (reappointment)

Economic Development Commission

  • Michael Pfau (new appointment – effective February 1, 2019)

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