Busy Day for Dubois County Politics

Dubois County (NNDC):

It had been a busy couple of days for politics in Jasper and Dubois County.






Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz announced his resignation to work for newly elected U.S. Senator Mike Bruan of Jasper effective the end of this year.  U.S. Senator Elect Braun commented on Mayor Seitz and his many contributions to Jasper as well as the State of Indiana and welcomed him to the Braun team.

Mayor Seitz complimented his Jasper team on their great efforts throughout his tenure and reassured citizens that the transition to his yet to be decided successor would be smooth and that projects already in place as well as those projects still in the planning stage will continue on pace.


NOTE:  This story is being updated, check back Friday for videos and updates.

Also, the announcement from Mayor Seitz can be found in its entirety on another tab on our home page.


Dubois County:

The Central Committee of the Dubois County Democrats caucused on December 12th at the Jasper Habig Center to fill a recent vacancy in party

Mike Kendall was elected as chairperson for the Dubois County Democrats.

Mike has served our community in the past as a member of St. Joseph’s Parish Council, as a lawyer for teachers and factory workers in Dubois County, and as a State Senator. Over the years, he has been politically active throughout Indiana, always, with a plan to return home.

We are glad to have you back.

For any information about the local Democratic Party, you can leave a message for Chairman Kendall at 812-827-2508.

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