Local Law Enforcement Arrests 6 Individuals in Ongoing Drug Investigations

Dubois county (NNDC):

The three Dubois County narcotics officers have developed cases against several drug dealers in Dubois County; six were arrested recently.  The arrests were assisted by county Police agencies and the Indiana State Police.

Deputy John Anderson has been acting as a narcotics officer with the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department since 2012. In spring of 2018, he was joined by a narcotics detective with the Jasper Police Department as well as Huntingburg Police Department Narcotics Officer Rusty Drew. Last week these officers began serving arrest warrants for drug dealing charges that they jointly investigated.

In the past, the Dubois County Sheriff’s Department and the Dubois County Prosecutor’s Office collaborated to coordinate roundups with a large number of drug-dealing arrests. However, given the overcrowding issues at the Dubois County Security Center, the Prosecutor’s Office has been filing a smaller number of warrants at a time.

The Prosecutors office states that even though they no longer are coordinating roundups, the public should not believe that the drug problem in Dubois County has gotten better, rather it has continuously gotten worse.  Police stress that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped pursuing the dealers.  Actually, the three narcotics officers participate in undercover drug buys with confidential informants and undercover police officers on a daily basis.

Local prosecuting attorneys note that narcotics officers are doing an outstanding job seeking out the major drug dealers in the community. The narcotics officers have been assisted by other officers in their respective departments, and they’ve also been assisted by the Indiana State Police.

In prior drug operation planning, the informants used in the undercover drug buys are primarily developed through street-level arrests made by uniformed patrol officers and the narcotics officers.

Last week, officers began picking up individuals facing charges on these warrants. Additional arrests are expected in the coming days.  Charges stemmed a variety of Meth. related charges, possession and distribution of controlled substances and a variety of other narcotics related activities.

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