Election Day Both a Plus and a Minus for Dubois County Democrats

Dubois County (NNDC):

Angie Giesler was a bright spot for Dubois County Democrats on Tuesday, Election Day (Look for interview with Angie Thursday from News Now):

Democrat Angie Giesler had a bittersweet evening Tuesday night as she embraced her friends, family and fellow democratic candidates.

Although she won her race for Dubois County Assessor, she said the election results brought joy for herself but sadness for the other Democratic candidates who did not win, commenting that Dubois County didn’t seem to see the value in their qualifications and lamenting that the county’s going to miss out on some great people who really wished to improve the different offices in Dubois County.

For herself, Giesler was happy.  She won the assessor race with 9,128 votes to Republican Eve Drew’s 7,353, with about a 10% margin.

Eve Drew the Republican contender agreed with Giesler in thanking everyone who came out to vote.  The over all vote total was right at 58% of eligible voters coming out to the polls.

With the race behind her, Giesler is turning her attention to the transition to the assessor’s office in January.  She plans to collaborate with current assessor Gail Gramelspacher to learn all the details of the office.

She’s preparing  to hit the ground running, as January as the beginning of the year are busy times for assessors.  The county assessor’s primary duty is overseeing the property assessments that determine how much property owners pay in taxes for the assessment year.

Giesler is a Dubois County native who has spent the last 20 years working in the Dubois County Courthouse, the last 12 in the assessor’s office.  Giesler also holds the Level III Indiana Assessor-Appraiser certification from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, a requirement for county assessors in Indiana.

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