Ferdinand Band Shines at State Finals

Ferdinand (NNDC):

Time stopped for members of the Forest Park Marching Rangers on Saturday night. Months of practices and performances boiled down to 44 excruciatingly long seconds at the Indiana State School Music Association Finals award, another first place finish.

 This years victory marked the band’s fifth first-place finals finish since 2008 and its 11th since 1981.

In the excitement that ensued following the awards ceremony, band members hugged with teary eyes and posed for pictures with friends and family.

When he was younger, backfield drum major Alexander Powers said he’d watch past Forest Park state champion bands. He felt the group’s performance on Saturday was reminiscent of those powerhouses. Before re-entering the stadium for awards, he predicted the Rangers would place second at the very least but called their run-through a state championship performance.

“Forest Park, it’s a small school out in the middle of the sticks,” he said. “It’s not even on the map. Yet, the Forest Park band has made it a tradition for over 10 years now to go to state and out of 10 of those years, at least four they’ve won. And if that’s not a good reason to play your heart out on this field as many times as we had, I don’t know what is.”

Now, that number sits at five state championships in eleven seasons. The group has finished in the top-three in Open Class D every year since 2006.

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