6th Annual Religious Appreciation Dinner Wednesday Evening (Click on videos and enlarge to full screen for best effect)

Dubois County (NNDC):

Local and State Religious Leaders describe the evening of the 6th annual Vocations Dinner, held in appreciation of Priests, Deacons, and all those serving the Evansville Diocese in Fubois, Pike & Spencer Counties:


Bishop Joseph Siegel explains the mission and evening followed by other local and State representives.

Bishop Joesph Siegel


Paul Zielinski, Indiana State Deputy


Vince Granacher, Grand Knight Jasper Council


Father John Boeglin, Chaplin K of C Jasper and Pastor of Houl Family Church.


Kenny Lesiman, head of local K of C 4th Degree Honor Guard.


Excerpts from the evenings program:

Knights of the Dubois County K of C 4th degree present and post the “colors” attired in full regalia:


Opening Prayer by Fr. John Boeglin:



Fr. John Boeglin Introduces Bishop Siegel followed by his remarks as Keynote Speaker:


Vince Grannacher comments on the evening:


Paul Zielinski discusses State level Participation:


Cash awards presented to local groups and organizations for their efforts in promoting Christian goals to the community:


Photo of Steve Luegers, head organizer of the event, closed the evening followed by video of final prayers and comments:












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