Cyber Security, what you need to know


National Cybersecurity
Awareness Month

With Americans utilizing the internet and technology at an ever increasing rate, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – observed every October – serves as an important reminder to protect personal information and review ways to stay safe and secure online.

Cybercrimes can come in many forms like identity theft, financial fraud and online bullying and can cause harm and sometimes even financial ruin for victims.

In 2017, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed an executive order to continue the Indiana Executive Council on Cybersecurity to combat hacking and cyberattacks on individuals and organizations.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) has also taken steps to ensure our state is at the forefront of cybersecurity.

IDHS offers the following tips to help Hoosiers protect their personal information:

  • Use strong passwords;
  • Do not open unsolicited or unknown emails;
  • Use security software tools;
  • Enable stronger authentication for log-in information;
  • Know the intention of others online before providing access or information;
  • Keep web browsers and operating systems up to date;
  • Back up important files; and
  • Be cautious when shopping online.

It is important for Hoosiers to stay vigilant to protect themselves online. For more information and tips to improve your cybersecurity.

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