Planned Forest Burns for Hoosier National Forest

Southern Indiana (NNDC):

Fire managers at the Hoosier National Forest (NF) intend to begin utilizing prescribed fire as a forest management tool in the coming weeks. All prescribed burns are dependent upon several factors, including but not limited to favorable weather and site conditions. Fire managers will be evaluating conditions to ensure compliance with policy and utilization of best management practices. Test burns will occur prior to ignition of any unit to monitor fire behavior and smoke lift and dispersion.

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Planned burns are in Jackson, Martin, Orange, and Perry Counties. The goal is to improve wildlife habitat and restore woodlands.  In some cases wetlands, woodlands, or barrens are being restored; in others, the fire is used to enhance oak-hickory regeneration or to maintain successful habitat in wildlife openings

There are only a limited number of days before winter precipitation the Hoosier NF, staff want to maximize their opportunities. Wind direction is often the limiting factor due to adjacent roads or private homes so the Hoosier NF prioritizes areas. Hoosier NF fire managers work closely with the National Weather Service to pick the best days to burn. Fall weather suitable to prescribed burning can be unreliable and there is a reasonable chance that most of these burns will roll-over to the “spring” season should they not be burned this fall.

Each treatment area will be closed to the public on the day of the burn and for some time after the burn until the area is considered safe. Trails may be temporarily closed if burn areas are in close proximity. Signs will be posted along the fire line and at any logical entry points into the area.

The exact date of each burn is dependent on weather and fuel conditions. Forest staff notifies the public in the immediate area of the prescribed burn.


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