Chain Reaction Crash Injures Several

Thankfully injuries were minor in a 5 care pileup.

A barn fire from Monday created a smoke covered roadway Tuesday morning on Schnellville Rd. just, east of Santine Road just after 8:30. causing a 5 car pile-up.

When police arrived, they reported extremely low visibility of only 30-50 feet.

Police say the weather conditions overnight caused smoke from the fire to hover near the ground and cover the distance of up to 5 miles away.

Schnellville Road was closed for about an hour and a half while the scene was cleared and smoke lifted.  Police say hay caught fire in that barn last night causing the thick, black smoke.

Four people refused treatment at the scene.  A fifth person was taken to Memorial Hospital, accompanied by his wife, who decided to also seek treatment.

Both of them were released a short time later.



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