Notes, Jokes, & Quotes do the Day for Monday/Tuesday

Notes of the Day:

  •  About one-quarter of the world’s hazelnut supply is used to make Nutella.
  • Ancient Romans running for office wore a distinctive toga called the “toga candida.” Hence the word “candidate.”
  • Spongebob Squarepants’ birthday is July 14, 1986. He’s well over 30 years old.
  • In 1719, prisoners in Paris were offered freedom if they married prostitutes and moved to Louisiana.
  • “Giraffe” is a relatively new term. Before the 1600s they were known as “Camelopards”.
  • Junk mail in the U.S. destroys 100 million trees a year. The equivalent of deforesting all of Rocky Mountain National Park every four months.
  • Venice awards only 425 gondolier licences and there are years of apprenticeship and a major exam to pass.
  • Survivors of the Las Vegas 2017 shootings received death threats from conspiracy theorists.
  • On October first 1971, Walt Disney World opened in Orlando Florida.

Jokes of the Day:

–  Why did I get divorced? Well, last week was my birthday. My wife didn’t wish me a happy birthday. My parents forgot and so did my kids. I went to work and even my colleagues didn’t wish me a happy birthday. As I entered my office, my secretary said, “Happy birthday, boss!” I felt so special. She asked me out for lunch. After lunch, she invited me to her apartment. We went there and she said, “Do you mind if I go into the bedroom for a minute?” “Okay,” I said. She came out 5 minutes later with a birthday cake, my wife, my parents, my kids, my friends, & my colleagues all yelling, “SURPRISE!!!” while I was waiting on the sofa… naked.

  •  An investigative journalist went to Afghanistan to study the culture and was shocked to discover that women were made to walk ten paces behind the men. She asked her guide why and he said, “Because they are considered of lesser status.” Outraged the journalist went home. A year later she returned covering violence in the region and was surprised to see the women walking ten paces ahead. She turned to her guide and this time asked, “What has changed?” The guide answered, “Land mines.


Quotes of the Day:




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