Top News Stories for Tuesday

Dubois County (NNDC):

Dubois Strong to Host Workforce Retention and Attraction Workshop Wednesday

Attracting and retaining workers is a major goal  for Dubois Strong:

The group will sponsor a Workforce Retention and Attraction Forum on Wednesday at the VU Jasper Campus from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Guest speakers will be on hand to inform the crowd on how to  retain and attract workforce to Dubois County.

If you want to attend, contact Dubois Strong today to RSVP.


Mayor Seitz and the JPD commend officers:

Two Jasper Police Department officers were recognized this morning for pulling a man from an overturned, burning SUV earlier this month that saved his life.

When JPD Officers Brent Duncan and Grant Goffinet arrived at the scene of the east side accident around 3 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 16, they found one victim of the crash, who had crawled from  a burning vehicle despite having injuries including a fractured leg lying in the middle of the roadway, and the vehicle on fire nearby.

Duncan and Goffinet, both 28, were advised by bystanders that a man was trapped  inside the car, and they attempted to put out the fire before entering through its back window and pulling another victim to safety.

“I just want to honor them today for their heroic acts on this morning,” Police Chief Nathan Schmitt said at this morning’s Jasper Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. “And one thing I want to mention, too, is that these guys do this every day, all these guys (officers) back here. And they don’t get a lot of credit for it. And they don’t ask for it. And I think as a chief and as a city, I think we just need to make sure that we recognize these guys and the good work they do,  this is an opportunity to do that.”

The driver of the car drove off the south side of the roadway just east of the Patoka River bridge, and the vehicle continued eastbound until it stopped on its passenger side facing east. Officers Goffinet and Duncan arrived at the scene within seconds of each other after being dispatched.

When they arrived, the entrapped man was unconscious, but he regained consciousness as the fire grew. All Goffinet could think about as they struggled to pull the man to safety was that they needed to get him out before the fire hit the gas tank.

Eventually, the two officers each grabbed an arm and yanked the man through the rear of the car and dragged him away from the SUV.

Duncan added that any JPD officer would have done the same thing they did that morning. Both Goffinet and Duncan praised the five bystanders for helping them by providing them information and assisting with the rescue.


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