Notes, Jokes & Quotes of the Day for Thursday/Friday

Notes of the Day:

  • More than 10% of Tuvalu’s GDP comes from registration of .tv domain names.
  • The painting of George Washington used for the dollar bill was never finished.
  • Married women were banned from watching or even attending the ancient Olympic games. The penalty for any married woman caught sneaking a peek was execution.
  • The winner of the first modern Olympic Marathon stopped at a tavern mid-race for a glass of wine.
  • People buy more when they’re hungry, even when shopping for non-edible goods.
  • Despite being a small and densely populated country, The Netherlands is the world’s second biggest exporter of food.
  • The original Pac-Man has a safe spot where the ghosts will never get you.
  • Today in History, September 20th, 1881 Chester A. Arthur was sworn in as the 21st president, succeeding James Garfield, who had been assassinated.

Jokes of the Day:

  •  Little Emily was complaining to her mother that her stomach hurt.  Her mom replied, “That’s because it’s empty.  Maybe you should try putting something in it.”  The next day, the pastor was over at Emily’s house for lunch.  He mentioned having his head hurt, to which Emily replied, “That’s because it’s empty.  Maybe you should try putting something in it.”
  • A church’s bell ringer passed away. The church posted the job opening in the local newspaper’s classified ads and a man came in with no arms wanting the job. The clergy weren’t sure he could do it, but he convinced them to let him try it. They climbed the bell tower and the guy ran toward the bell and hit it with his head, producing a beautiful melody. They gave him the job on the spot. The next day he went to ring the bell, tripped, bounced off the bell and fell to the sidewalk below. Two priests were walking past. One asked, “Do you know this guy?” The other responded, “No, but his face rings a bell.”
    The next day, the dead man’s twin brother came in for the again vacant bell ringer position. He also had no arms. The clergy led him up to the bell tower, where he ran at the bell, tripped and fell to the sidewalk below. The same two priests walked up. The first asked, “Do you know him?” The second responded, “No, but he’s a dead ringer for his brother.”

Quotes of the Day:

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