Notes, Jokes & Quotes of the Day for Tuesday

Notes of the Day:

  •  The only plane allowed to fly on 9/11 after the attacks, was a plane from San Diego to Miami delivering anti-venom to a man bitten by a highly poisonous snake.  It was accompanied by 2 fighter jets.
  • Walmart parking lots alone take up roughly the size of Tampa, Florida.
  • People who regularly use computers type between 5,000 and 10,000 key strokes per day.
  • Isaac Newton invented/discovered calculus in about the same amount of time the average student learns it.

Jokes of the Day:

  •  A hillbilly family’s only son saves up money to go to college. After about three years, he comes back home. They are sitting around the dinner table, when the dad says, ”Well son, you done gone to college, so you must be perty smart. Why don’t you speak some math fer’ us?” ”Ok, Pa.” The son then says, ”Pi R squared.” After a moment, the dad says, ”Why son, they ain’t teached ya nothin’! Pie are round, cornbread are square.”
  • The huge college freshman decided to try out for the football team. “Can you tackle?” asked the coach. “Watch this,” said the freshman, who proceeded to run smack into a telephone pole, shattering it to splinters. “Wow,” said the coach. “I’m impressed. Can you run?” “Of course I can run,” said the freshman. He was off like a shot, and, in just over nine seconds, he had run a hundred yard dash. “Great!” enthused the coach. “But can you pass a football?” The freshman hesitated for a few seconds. “Well, sir,” he said, “if I can swallow it, I can probably pass it.”

Quotes of the Day:

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