City of Jasper on a Roll with Community of the Year Award

Jasper (NNDC):


Jasper has been named the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s “Community of the Year” for 2018. The announcement was made at The Parklands in Jasper Wednesday morning.

“Ladies and gentlemen, and to our friends at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, we offer our gratitude for this honor,” Mayor Seitz said at this morning’s event. “It is not, as you said, a one person thing.  It is not a one event show. It’s not one entity that actually has earned this. It truly is the community. And it’s Jasper’s time, and the best is yet to come.”

The Indiana Chamber’s Community of the Year Award is given annually to a Hoosier community for significant contributions to its local business climate and overall image, according to a press release. Jasper was nominated by Brenda Stallings, the CEO of Matrix Integration and member of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce board.

According to Indiana Chamber President Kevin Brinegar, strong public-private partnerships are at the cornerstone of community success.

“Jasper leaders have demonstrated the ability to work together for many years and residents have strongly contributed through their immense pride in their city,” he said in the press release. “Jasper is most deserving of this recognition.”

The award will be presented at the Indiana Chamber’s Annual Dinner  on Nov. 13 in Indianapolis.



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