President Donald Trump in Evansville Thursday Night!

Evansville (NNDC) – President Donald Trump was greeted by a huge crowd at the Ford Center in Evansville Thursday night!  And like at all Trump rallies there were a few folks in the crowd or should we say in the area that didn’t rally for President Trump, but that did not change the mood of the standing room only crowd and the many on lookers outside the Ford Center that attended the rally.  Many area people were very excited to be there not only to see the President of the United States but also to rally for their party and candidates including Jasper native Mike Braun.
























The theme for the night apparently was Joe needs to go!  In reference to Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly and his bid for a second term as U.S Senator against Mike Braun in what could be one of the closest races in a long time.  Only time will tell as the November 6th Election is only a few months away. Recent polls show a slight advantage for Mike Braun but again this is really a tight race and having the President of the United States in Evansville goes to show how important this is for the Republican party.  Stay tuned to News Now for more from both Republican and Democratic parties and their view points of this race and others.









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