Strassenfest Update for Friday

Jaspers 40th annual Strassenfest had another wonderful day Friday (Click on videos below to view).

Large Crowds, lots of fun and plenty of beer were all on hand for a beautiful summer Friday evening.

Saturday will be another packed day of activities with the 5K run and bike race in the morning to games and food throughout the day and evening. List of activities is quite long so see the full schedule under a separate headline on our home page.

Jason Schmitt and his children enjoying the activities.

Ron Mundy and his daughter our for an evening of fun.

Strassenfest couple out for a fun evening at the Strassenfest.

Paul and Laura Grammer talk about the Fest and its history along with special events.

Strassenfest Mascots travel the square entertaining the young and old alike.

Ashlyn Ackerman speaks about friends and the Fest as well as her experience ofver the years as a News Now contributor.

The balloon race was a site to see.




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