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Kimball Electronics hits long term sales goal:

Kimball Electronics achieved a long time sales goal this week as they closed out their fiscal year with $1 billion in annual sales.

“Very strong growth in our automotive and medical end market verticals helped us achieve double-digit year-over-year growth for the fourth consecutive quarter and exceed our long-time stated goal of $1 billion in annual sales in fiscal year 2018,” said CEO Don Charron in a press release announcing the earnings.

The Jasper-based company, is a premier  global electronic manufacturing services provider of high-quality, durable electronic products.  They announced its fourth quarter and fiscal year end.

The company ended fiscal year 2018 with $1,072 billion in net sales. And net income of $16,752 million from the same period last year.

The company also returned $3.1 million to its shareholders in stock repurchases during the quarter.

Trade war tariffs to impact the future.

President and CED Don Charron in a separate news release stated that the trade war with China is already impacting Kimball Electronics and the negative impact is likely to grow.  This will likely lead to higher prices making Kimball Electronics less competitive and the possible loss of jobs as a result.

The 40th annual Jasper Strassenfest opens tonight.


The 40th annual Jasper Strassenfest opens tonight.  Booths are set to open at 5:00 PM, the Children’s box parade at 5:30, Carnival rides begin at 5:00, Celebration singers begin at 5:45 and the Grand Opening Ceremony on the main stage begins at 6:15.  Finally, the beloved Beer Garden opens at 6:00.

For a full list of tonights as well as all events go to

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