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Dubois County (NNDC):

Wanted Man Arrested For Dealing Meth, Other Drugs

A Jasper man was arrested early this morning and faces multiple felonies including dealing meth. and possession of hypodermic needles and paraphernalia. 

Police saw 30-year-old Toby Shelly just after 1 this morning and attempted to pull him over.  He attempted to escape officers, running a stop sign and refusing to stop.  Police say he got out of the vehicle and fled on foot into woods off of Second Avenue.  After a short foot pursuit, he was apprehended and arrested.

During the investigation, police found 13 grams of meth, 3 grams of heroin, 6 hypodermic needles and paraphernalia.  Shelly is facing 5 felonies from an outstanding warrant, hose including dealing in multiple illegal substances.

He now faces new felony charges of Dealing in Meth and Dealing in a Narcotic Drug, Possession of Meth and a Narcotic Drug and faces six felony counts of Possession of a Syringe.

Shelly is also charged with two misdemeanors of Possession of Paraphernalia and Resisting Law Enforcement.

Masterbrand donates to Ronald McDonald House:

A MasterBrand department donated their monetary awards from the company’s safety program to the Ronald McDonald House of Evansville.

The Dayshift POD 3 collectively made the decision to donate $376 from the Value Base Safety Program to the Ronald McDonald House.

The VBS program is a voluntary program. The program asks that an employee observe a peer performing work and provide positive feedback. The observer is looking for something the employee is doing right.

Dubois County leads Indiana counties in donations to the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House has served more than 250,000 meals in the 3 kitchens donated by MBCI. They estimate by the end of 2018, they will serve over 10,000 guests in the Evansville location.


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