Top News Stories DC for Saturday

Dubois County (NNDC):

– The local Shriners received the keys to a new vehicle from locally owned Sternberg Chrysler, to be used to transport local children to area hospitals, mainly Evansville, Louisville and Indy.  NNDC congratulates the Shriners efforts to support our community.

– Ferdinand experienced 4 thefts Thursday night through to Friday morning.  Vehicles, wallets, purses, and tools from and around Masterbrand were stolen from around 11 PM Thursday to Friday morning.  If any of the public has any information, please call the Police at 812-482-9111.  The local police urge citizens to secure your house and vehicles to help not being victimized.

– Suicide in Indiana and the country is on the rise. Mental health is a central issue.  There is a National Suicide Lifeline for confidential help available 24 HRS a day at 1-800-273-8255.

– Jasper Engines is proud to announce this year’s scholarships to children of the JASPER family.  Please refer to yesterday’s news for the full details and list of recipients.

– Please note upcoming street closure in Huntingburg (see yesterday’s news for details).

NOTE:  This story is currently being updated, please check back for updates and new stories.

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