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Venue 1408 Event Wednesday June 6th

Huntingburg (NNDC):

Venue 1408 held a reception today June 6th to introduce a new venue for weddings, corporate gatherings, and community events.  A large crowd attended to see the completely renovated facility, previously known as “Reflections” in Huntingburg.  The owners of the Mill House in Jasper run the establishment and offer a full range of services for any occasion.  The food and fellowship was fantastic, living up to all that we expect from the enterprise in Jasper.

Please click on the video and pictures below for the complete report.

Pictures of the crowd (see below) attest to the success of the event and it’s potential for Huntingburg and Dubois County.

Mark Buechlein and associates from Buechlein and Associates enjoying hors d’overs durinig the opening as well as the crowd enjoying the evening.

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