Top News Stories for DC for Wednesday

Dubois County (NNDC):

– New:  JPD received a 911 call from a male subject stating he was just threatened by someone with gun.  An officer spoke with the reporting party and found that during an argument Evan Baglan had brandished a handgun, pointed it at him, and made verbal threats that he was going to shoot him.  Mr. Baglan later came to JPD to speak with officers about the incident. There was a handgun found in the vehicle Mr. Baglan arrived in that matched the description given by the victim. Mr. Baglan was taken into custody and eventually transported to the Dubois County Security Center.

– A Jasper teen, Christian Northern, was being evicted when police who were overseeing changing of the locks noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment.  Consent was given to search and the drug was visible on the table and several individuals were found hiding in a back room.  The suspect was arrested for possession of marijuana over 30 grams and charged with possession, criminal trespass, and maintaining a common nuisance.

– Huntingburg police arrested 51 year old Jerry Frick, after he was found removing a window air conditioner from a residence on the 1,400 block of east 6th street in Huntingburg.  He was highly intoxicated and arrested and taken to the hospital for medical clearance.  Charges include burglary, theft, and criminal trespassing.

– Twilight Tuesday is being hosted by the Solid Waste Department again on Tuesday June 19th from 4:00 to 6:00.  These are extended hours for residents to deposit non standard trash items such as electronics and tires etc.  For details and further information call 812-482-7865.  Note: All items must be unloaded by the resident, so make sure to bring help if it is needed.

– The Dubois County Leadership Academy is sponsoring the addition of a Capstone project for the creation of a flying disc golf coarse in Huntingburg.  The ultimate goal is twofold.  First, to get our youth out in the air with fun things to do Vs. spending their leisure time in front of a computer, TV or on the cell phone.  Second,  as an opportunity to draw in tourists and build on quality family time.

– 30 year old Tina Best, a Chrisney woman, was caught stealing over $90 from the Dollar General Store in Jasper.  She became combative with officers and was thought to have some sort of medical condition.  She was transported to Memorial Hospital and after being cleared was jailed on resisting law enforcement and theft.

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