Chalk Walk Downtown Jasper Saturday

Jasper (NNDC):  The annual Chalk Walk sponsored by the Jasper Community Arts Commission was held Saturday, June 2nd in downtown Jasper (please open the full article to view video and pictures).  It was a beautiful though hot morning but the event was fantastic.  Kids and adults as well, displayed some pretty impressive talent.  It would be an understatement to say everyone had a great time.

Chris and Beth Waltz pictured with 5 year old Owen and 7 year old Devin enjoyed having their picture taken, each in character in a Wizard of Oz role, before wandering around the Square to enjoy all the other activities.

Musical entertainment for the crowd on the square was provided by BJ Schulz and Jerry Randolph playing guitar and ukulele, singing songs they had composed.  (Click video)

Chalk artests young and older were involved in creating some really impressive artwork.  (Click Video)

Local vendors and food stands added to the festive atmosphere.

Local kids, had an opportunity to talk about and display their talents. Kim Mitchell, Grant and Quin explained their day (Click Video)

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