Dubois County Sheriff’s Department contacted about “Grandparent Scam”

Jasper (NNDC)  (click on video)

A concerned Dubois County resident received what is known as a “Grandparent Scam.” This is where a scammer poses as a legal representative of the child.  The scammer will advise that the child has been injured or is in legal trouble and is requesting money for bail.  In this case the scammers left a return call back number which the resident called and did not get an answer.  However, a short time later received a call back from the scammer.  The resident told them they believed it was a scam and hung up.  The Sheriff’s Department reminds you if you receive one of these type calls, sometimes the scammers even pose as a family member or friend do not give out any personal or banking information.  Do not wire or send any money.

Your best defense for scam calls like this is to just hang-up.

And yes folks this can happen to anyone.

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