Jasper Man Arrested On Disorderly Conduct and Intimidation With a Deadly Weapon Charges

        Michael D. McCracken

Jasper (From Release) – A 56-year-old Jasper man is lodged in the Dubois County Security Center on charges of disorderly conduct (misdemeanor) and intimidation with a deadly weapon (level 5 felony). Michael D. McCracken was arrested Friday morning in the Walmart parking lot.

According to a Jasper Police Department release, JPD officers were called to Walmart in reference to the report of a disorderly subject at that location with a baton. Upon arriving officers located a subject walking away from the store that Walmart employees were directing them to. They stopped, detained, and spoke with the subject, who was identified as McCracken.

After speaking with the suspect officers spoke with Walmart personnel who advised them that McCracken had been in the electronics department of the store where he got upset and started yelling and cussing at the clerk working there. Walmart customers were telling him to calm down and he yelled at them as well. Walmart management personnel contacted McCracken and he had the same attitude with them. They asked him to leave several times before he finally started towards the front of the store. They stated that as they were walking out McCracken continued to yell and cuss and when they were near the front of the store he stopped suddenly, pulled a collapsible baton, threatened the staff with it, and swung it at one of them a couple of times. They continued to tell him to leave and he eventually walked towards the grocery side exit. They told police McCracken kept the baton expanded until he was almost out of the store before he collapsed it back down and exited.

McCracken reportedly continued to yell until the police officers arrived and he walked away from the management personnel and was taken into custody.

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