Huntingburg Couple accused of keeping Daughter in Cage back in Court Tuesday

Jasper – (NNDC) Alan and Aimee Friz appeared in Dubois County Circuit Court Tuesday morning.

The Huntingburg dentist and his wife are facing charges stemming from an investigation that began on October 4, 2017, when Mr. Friz called police to his rural home for the report of an out of control “mentally retarded” child.During the investigation, the teen girl told police she was kept in a cage overnight. During a interview, the teen alleged that Mr. Friz had sexually assaulted her numerous times including when she was locked in the cage.

The Frizes told police the teen had made several threats against them and their family including Aimee’s unborn child. They allege the cage was constructed to keep the rest of the family safe at night or whenever Mr. and Mrs. Friz left the property.

In court Tuesday, Judge Nathan Verkamp heard a request to set more time for the defense to go over the material in the case. Attorney Tim Demotte representing Mr. Friz stated the volume of the material in the case would take some time to examine. “We are far from a realistic trial date,” he told Judge Verkamp.

Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn stated he didn’t see the complexities in the case that Demotte was referring to and asked the final pretrial be set at least for this summer. Judge Verkamp set the trial for the week of August 27 with the final pretrial hearing to occur on July 16 at 1 p.m.

Mrs. Frizs Attorney Micheal Hagedorn also made a comment to Judge Verkamp that he thought it would take longer than one week for this trial which Judge Verkamp assured Mr. Hagedorn he would be given the time he needs.

The judge also scheduled a hearing for March 9 at 1 p.m. to consider a motion for a change of venue.

Mr. Friz Attorney made  a request for the release of $5,000 of the bond that was posted by Mr. Friz for his initial release and that request was granted.  Neither Mr. Friz or Mrs. Friz or their attorney had any comments for local media.


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