No Decision On Future of Motocross Track

Jasper (NNDC) – Just two weeks ago residents of the Buechler Countrywood Estates voiced their concerns after hearing about a proposed motocross track to be built by Outlaw Mx of Bicknell, and at times that meeting got pretty heated. Several residents brought up their concerns about additional noise, dust, and increased traffic in that area the track would bring.  Several of the residents at that meeting felt like they should of been notified about the proposed track a lot earlier.

Monday was a follow up from that meeting and several points were brought up by not only the residents of Buechler Esates but also from 4H council members and supporters of the motocross track.

Sue Brames a spokesperson for the neighborhood made a presentation and mentioned the fact that 19 out of the 21 homeowners in Buechler Estates were against the track at that location and felt it wasn’t a good fit for 4H.

Mike Kluesner a resident Buechler estates and County Councilman again voiced his concern for the additional tax dollars and liability to the county in case someone is seriously hurt.  A 4H council member addressed the liability issue along with local business owner Brent Sutton who briefly explained that all riders sign disclaimers before the races and have to meet certain criteria.  Brent ask the question “when is the last time anyone had to sign a disclaimer to walk around the fairgrounds?”

Supporters at the meeting included Sherry Epple, her son is a motocross racer from Dubois County and she talked to the crowd about the proposed 1 1/2 mile track being well kept and as far as dust most tracks are watered down before races to hold the dust down.  Epple also mentioned that when they race on other tracks a lot of money goes to hotels, food, parts when you need them and if the track is built more of that money will stay right here in Dubois County.

The whole idea of Monday’s meeting was for 4H council members who were not present at the last meeting to hear the concerns of the residents and the local support for the track.  According to 4H council president Sandy Neukam no decision will was made at Monday’s meeting. There will be discussion between the council members and when a decision is made all parties will be notified.

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