Huntingburg Dentist Faces Felony Neglect Charges

      Alan Friz at County Courthouse

Jasper (NNDC) – Alan P. Friz, a 57-year-old Huntingburg dentist, appeared in court early this afternoon to face charges of neglect and criminal confinement pertaining to his juvenile son. The initial hearing, however, was continued until 11 a.m. Monday in Circuit Court. Friz’ wife, Aimee  Friz, 36, was present outside the courthouse when Friz was being transferred there and was arrested on the same charges as her husband. She also appeared in court today. Her initial hearing was also continued until 11 a.m. Monday. Both are being held without bond.

Friz was arrested Wednesday at his home after Dubois County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called there following a report of an unruly juvenile at that address. After obtaining a search warrant from Dubois Circuit Court and calling for assistance from the prosecutor’s office and the office of Family and Children Services, the deputies interviewed the teenage girl and then arrested Friz and took him into custody. They stated they were told the juvenile had been locked in a closet area in a bedroom that has been converted into a locked cage where she was often kept for long periods of time, overnight and at other times.


Friz was charged with a preliminary Level 5 felony count of neglect of a dependent and a preliminary Level 6 felony count of criminal confinement.

While the deputies were searching the Friz home 24-year-old Kenneth L. Le Fevre arrived there. He told the deputies he rents a room in the residence. A release from the sheriff’s department states that Le Febre became difficult to deal with and disruptive during the execution of the search warrant and was asked to leave the property. He refused and had to be physically removed by deputies. He was given multiple opportunities to leave on face arrest. After his final refusal to leave he was taken into custody for resisting law enforcement and taken from the residence to the county security center. He was arrested for Resisting Law Enforcement, a Class A misdemeanor and is being held on a $500 bond.


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