ATTENTION: Clubs, Organizations, all NNDC Viewers

(NNDC) – As we reported earlier, NewsNow Dubois County’s local news and sports coverage has been thrown into temporary, partial hiatus with the passing of Mick Birge, NNDC’s founder and CEO.

Mick personally produced and published the bulk of the news and sports on the on-line and cable service. His loss has created an immediate void in the coverage. Fortunately, some of NNDC’s features (obituaries, community calendar, and the daily birthday drawing) have continued as normal. The transition may take a number of weeks and local viewers are still being asked to be patient as it is completed. Your patience will certainly be appreciated.

A second problem has developed, partially caused by the Houston hurricane. NewsNow’s email server has been down for a couple of days and immediate repair is not possible because of the hurricane. The company that services the email is based in Houston and is operating with a skeleton staff since most of its employees are not able to travel to work because of the water.

Most emails being sent to,,,,, and are not being delivered. Anyone sending an email to any of those addresses is asked to also send it to Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Members of the Birge family want to again thank the many people who continue to submit words of consolation and concern to them during this difficult time. It is heartwarming to hear so many people say they are regular viewers of NNDC, many of them out of state residents. The kind words are very comforting to the family. God bless.

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