NNDC In Transition

(NNDC) – NewsNow Dubois County’s local news and sports coverage was thrown into temporary hiatus last week with the sudden passing of Mick Birge, NNDC’s founder and CEO.

Mick personally produced and published the bulk of the news and sports on the on-line and cable service. His loss created an immediate void in the coverage. Fortunately, some of NNDC’s features (obituaries, community calendar, and the daily birthday drawing) have continued as normal. Meetings are scheduled this week to coordinate efforts to continue the coverage of local news and sports events. The transition may take a few weeks and local viewers are being asked to be patient as it is completed.

Members of the Birge family want to thank the many people who have submitted beautiful words of consolation and concern to them during this difficult time. It was heartwarming to hear so many persons say they are regular viewers of NNDC, many of them out of state residents. Hearing so many words of praise for Mick was comforting to the family.


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