Poppelwell Pleads Guilty; Plea Agreement Taken Under Advisement



Jasper (NNDC) – Dubois County Prosecutor Anthony Quinn says Kyle Popplewell has agreed to plead guilty to murder, aggravated battery, and criminal confinement as part of a plea agreement.

Back on January 10th 2016, authorities say Popplewell attacked and killed 37-year-old Jeffrey Perry with a knife at Perry’s home just outside St. Henry.

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department says Poppelwell, who was 25 at the time, entered the home through a back door.

After killing Perry, deputies say the Ferdinand man went into the room of a woman who lived with Perry at the time and barricaded himself inside with her.  Poppelwell and the 18-old woman dated briefly.

Deputies say Perry’s girlfriend, who was in the home, tried to stop him but was cut in the chest.

During a more than three-hour standoff with authorities, DCSD says Popplewell raped the 18-year old woman and threatened to break her neck if she screamed.

Poppelwell eventually exited the bedroom and police were able to tase him and take him into cusotdy.

Under the plea agreement, Poppelwell will receive a sentence of 65 years in prison on the murder charge… 15 years for the aggravated battery count and six years for the criminal confinement charge. The plea deal says the sentences would run consecutively for a total of 86 years.

In Dubois Circuit Court Wednesday, Poppelwell admitted guilt to the charges with family members in the courtroom.

Under the plea agreement, charges of burglary and rape against Poppelwell would be dropped and prosecutors would not seek a sentence of life with parole.

The plea was taken under advisement by Dubois Circuit Court Judge Nathan Verkamp.   Poppelwell will be formally sentenced September 8th.

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