Smoke Alarms Alert Family Of Seven; All Get Out Safely

Cuzco (NNDC) – Working smoke detectors may have averted disaster early this morning.

The Dubois Volunteer Fire Department says seven people were able to safely vacate a house near Cuzco Tuesday morning when an electric strip in the basement overheated causing a small fire.

The home belongs to Dorothy Hinkle in the 6900 block of North Cuzco Road North.

When DVFD firefighters arrived at the house at about 4:15am, the fire was out, but there was smoke in the home.

Hinkle told DVFD her family was awakened by smoke alarms going off.

DVFD says some clothing that was stacked around a power strip in the basement was found burning.

Hinkle told DVFD that a couple of buckets of water were dumped on the fire which which put it out immediately.

DVFD says it appears that part of the chord between the plug and the strip itself had melted exposing wires in the chord.  The wires ignited the clothes.

No one was injured in the incident and there was no damage to the home itself.

Firefighters on scene used fans to exhaust smoke from the house.

DVFD says the family was given some new smoke detectors.


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