False 911 Calls Lead To Jasper Man’s Arrest; Prostitution Among The Charges



Jasper (NNDC) – Jasper police say two “bogus” 911 calls from a man Sunday has resulted in the man being arrested after he allegedly offered JPD officers money for sex.

JPD says officers were dispatched to an apartment at 2603 Newton Street shortly after 4:00PM Sunday after 911 call from John Layman Jr., who claimed he was being held against his will at that location.

JPD says officers attempted to make contacts with the occupants of the apartment, including Layman.

The officers said there was no sound coming from the apartment and it was completely dark.  JPD says after several unsuccessful attempts to make contact with someone at the apartment, officers left the scene.

A short time later, JPD was notified of a second 911 call, again from Layman.  The Dubois County Dispatch Center reported to JPD that Layman was claiming his girlfriend had locked him in the bathroom and was forcing him to stay there against his will.

Officers again went to the apartment.  Then, after no one answered the apartment’s door, JPD officers, fearing for Layman’s safety, attempted to enter the apartment by forced entry.

JPD says a curtain fell off a window on the inside the entry door which allowed officers to see Layman and a female standing inside the apartment.

JPD says Layman allegedly told the officers that everything was OK and that he was just kidding about being held against his will.

JPD says the female opened the apartment door so officers could talk with both she and Layman.

JPD says officers on scene determined that Layman was not nor was he ever held against his will in the bathroom or anywhere else in the home.

Layman was placed under arrest on preliminary charges of false informing and unlawful reporting to 911.

Officers on scene say Layman appeared highly intoxicated, so he was taken to Memorial Hospital for medical clearance.

After getting clearance, JPD says Layman offered one of the arresting officers $100 to perform oral sex on him.

That resulted in an additional charge of prostitution against the 53-year old Layman.

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