New JVFD Rescue Unit Is “Impressive!” (VIDEO)

Jasper (NNDC) – The newest member of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department is ready to report for duty…


This new Rescue and First Responder truck is an impressive state-of-the art unit…

It’s complete with redesigned storage units for faster access to needed equipment in the event of accidents or fires with personal injury.

The new rescue truck has struts on board that can be used to prop up vehicles, even tractor trailers, to safely get to accident victims.

The unit will also carry special equipment that will help fire fighters and first responders in the event of farm accidents or even grain bin rescues…(JVFD Chief Ken Hochgesang talking about how this is an impressive unit.)

The truck even has steps to give firefighters and first responders easy access to storage units with even more emergency rescue equipment.

The new truck will be unveiled during the 2017 Jasper Strassenfest parade a week from tomorrow.

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