Card Skimmer Found Inside Pump At Jasper Gas Station



Jasper (NNDC) – Jasper police are warning the public that if anyone purchased gas at the Sunset Citgo Station at 3rd Avenue and Meridian Road recently to check their credit/debit card accounts to make sure your card information hasn’t been ‘skimmed!’

Today (Saturday), police were notified by a fuel pump technician at Citgo that a card skimming device (see photo) was found in pump #3 at the state.

JPD says the device was installed inside the machine and was likely undetectable from the outside.

Police believe the person who placed the device in the pump had a key to gain access and get into the electronic components in the pump.

Jasper police says if you have used that pump in the last couple of weeks to purchase gasoline, your debit/credit card information may have been compromised. Police are asking anyone discovering any fraudulent activity in your accounts to contact local law enforcement immediately.

JPD also says devices like the found at CITGO can copy account information from magnetic strips on the back of credit/debit cards.

This information can then be cloned to blank cards and used as if it was the actual card.

Police say the technician checked the other pumps at this location and did not find any other ‘foreign devices’

JPD is asking the public to be vigilant when using debit/credit cards and to look for anything that looks out of the ordinanry or tampered with.

JPD is also advising all store owners and employees to keep an eye out for these devices and make routine maintenance checks and take other steps such as using anti-tamper seals to deter this activity from occurring.

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